Games in UrT

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Games in UrT

Post by iPoschy on 20th June 2013, 19:23

Hey all Very Happy
I think you all know the different gametypes and stuff in urt like zombie mode and whatever...BUT did you guys know you can play other games in urt?

Yes, we can! You can play Breakout and Snake Very Happy

How? just bind keys with those commands:


  • snake_up
  • snake_down
  • snake_left
  • snake_right
  • snake_pause
  • snake_play
  • snake_reset


  • breakout_play
  • breakout_reset
  • breakout_pause
  • breakout_left
  • breakout_right

Maybe i'll try that out later today or tomorrow Very Happy


For you, with love :*

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Re: Games in UrT

Post by Claytonofbricks on 21st June 2013, 05:02

Smile  That's awesome.  I'll have to try that out sometime too.  How did you figure that out?

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