Urban Terror 4.2.013

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Urban Terror 4.2.013

Post by iPoschy on 30th June 2013, 04:56

Allright guys, here you go with the Changelog of the 4.2.013, which will be released Today (Sunday, June 30th 2013) at 21:00 CET:


  • Fixed the seam on the back of the SR8
  • Fixed the doors near the pillars and some z-fighting on Turnpike
  • Fixed missing skin on team swaps
  • Restore previous behaviour of armband colour for enemy team
  • Fixed no step sound mode Jump mode when landing on a normal surface and g_nodamage is enabled
  • Fixed /ignore and /ignorelist commands
  • Added new command /maplist which will display all the maps available on the server
  • Added partial substring matching for client/map searching
  • Added visual player count in scoreboard for both free and spectator teams
  • Removed g_ghostPlayers CVAR. Feature moved clientside: cg_ghost 0/1
  • Updated UI password filter's labels in the server browser
  • Renamed CVAR: g_maxWallJumps -> g_walljumps
  • Renamed CVAR: cg_showFunstuff -> cg_funstuff
  • Renamed CVAR: g_allowFunstuff -> g_funstuff
  • Merged g_noStamina and g_regainStamina into g_stamina: 0 = default stamina, 1 = regain stamina, 2 = infinite stamina
  • Renamed CVAR: g_allowForceSkins -> g_skins
  • Renamed CVAR: g_maxJumpRuns -> g_jumpruns
  • Removed SERVERINFO flag from g_cahTime
  • Fixed SPAS hits being displayed after player death
  • Added missing BOMB defuse autoradio sound
  • Added new hitlocations: Groin, Butt, Leg Upper Left, Leg Upper Right, Leg Lower Left, Leg Lower Right, Foot Left, Foot Right
  • Updated damage table according to the new hit locations
  • Fixed some char cases in in-game messages
  • Added goto and allowgoto commands for Jump Mode (can be disabled with g_allowgoto 0)
  • Added permanent position saving in Jump Mode
  • Added Ingram Mac11 (submachine gun) and Colt1911 (sidearm)
  • Added a new skin set based on the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange (it is #12)
  • Fixed bug allowing players to defuse bomb with a live nade in hand
  • Fixed bug showing hits causing 0% damage with the spas
  • Added cg_chatSound, (2 = all chat sounds, 1 = just vote sounds, 0 = no chat sounds)
  • Removed cg_sfxteambands (unused cvar)


  • Possibly fixed sv_maxPing connecting issue
  • Added RAW mouse support
  • Added dmaHD sound
  • Added the possibility to force the engine execution on a single CPU (/com_singlecore on Windows only)
  • Added possibility to set engine process priority (/com_processpriority on Windows only)
  • Added partial substring matching for client/map searching (RCON commands)
  • Fallback to default r_mode in case the resolution is set too high for the monitor instead of having the error "Could not start OpenGL subsystem" and the game crash

-> Original Changelog

For you, with love :*

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Re: Urban Terror 4.2.013

Post by Ornexans on 30th June 2013, 05:04

Some nice updates. But most bugfixes...^^

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Re: Urban Terror 4.2.013

Post by BobLeeSwagger on 30th June 2013, 07:05

2 new weapons! nOice! cheers

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Re: Urban Terror 4.2.013

Post by Claytonofbricks on 30th June 2013, 10:52

I can't get mine to download. Sad Maybe it'll work later. I'll try again tomorrow night, or I might just delete everything tonight and try again.

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Re: Urban Terror 4.2.013

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