Rules for the server and HLRz group..

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Rules for the server and HLRz group..

Post by grandmachismo on 27th January 2014, 14:54


RULES And IMAGE: No sexism, racism or other ism's. Noob friendly. Be nice, have fun or f off - These rules apply to our own members too.

We wish members to act as they would expect to be treated on the server, and to remember that they are being trusted mirror the intended image of the HLRz.

ADMIN (Level 40 - 80) GUIDELINES

I'll try and keep this as straight forward as possible:

- For admin that are capable of policing situations with tempban/ban/permban please adopt the mentality of using the smallest stick before a larger one - a nice example of this: there's an !afk command that will shift players to spec if they don't respond.  This beats just kicking them - especially when the server will auto-kick them from spec (after x3 warnings) if the server is getting full.

- You only need to demo people you think are hacking. Please use !cid inside your demos - we need that info to grab the right name, as sometimes there are duplicates!

- In all cases: Report bans under reports on the SB forums

- I see slapping as redundant, it's (if anything) an attention grabber for those who aren't responding initially, but it can also attract the wrong kind of attention. A server with slapping is not attractive and I wouldn't take it seriously if I was joining there. Admin tend to mistakenly get carried away with the notion of this being a punishment when there are much more straight forward ways (outlined below) of dealing with this.

The arrows ( -> ) below show the order we wish admin to follow when taking action:

A player is saying unpleasant things:

If Racism:
Warn -> !tempban -> Report (if this continues: ban)

If targeted abuse:
Warn -> !tempban -> Report (if this continues: ban)

If a player is accusing others of hacks:
Warn them to spec and demo or be silent -> Last Warn -> !kick -> !tempban -> Report (if this continues: ban)

Note: I understand that everyone is different and so admin decision on what constitutes trolling will also differ - it's subjective. However, I do think that an admin can gauge whether an offender intent by their response to admin warnings and how belligerent they are. I also see it that if people are prepared to talk crap continuously, then they have made the decision to be open to the consequences of what each admin deems is enough. We can cover ourselves with a single line of text at joining time that states this. We also need to be seen to act if this behaviour is adversely affecting the fun on the server. Remember: The focus is on this place being fun, and encouraging people to play on the server.. so, not just looking after the victims but also giving the offenders a chance. We ban them and that might be a potential long-term regular we lose.. who might change! !tempban is a tool that can make people think a little harder about their actions when a kick doesn't.

UPDATE: we have decided to try out a censorship plugin for words that are offensive and unnecessary on the server - the difference is: this will mute, not tempban - unless I choose for certain words - ie. racism. I hope this makes things easier on admin!

You suspect a player is wall-hacking or aimbotting:

Don't bother talking about it in the open: Spec -> Demo and type !cid -> Ban -> Report

Note: This set of rules is new, and subject to amendment, but should provide at the minimum a set of general guidelines that promote a common-sense behaviour for both members and pubbers on the server.


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