Warned by TheSmurf_NL_ about spec too long

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Warned by TheSmurf_NL_ about spec too long

Post by squirt on 27th March 2014, 09:25

Hi All,

I just joined the server a few minutes ago and as soon as I joined ( I mean within 20 or 30 seconds), TheSmurf_NL_ warned me about spec'ing too long.  I was in the middle of doing an !afk on JohnGalt who was afk for 8 minutes with no kills or deaths when TheSmurf_NL_ warned me.  Then I did a !teams to even up teams.  I tried asking him why he did that and he wouldn't answer.  So I tried a !scream, but still no response.  Finally he warned me again and I was kicked.  What is up with that?????



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