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Posting Demos

Post by iPoschy on 11th November 2013, 08:32

Hey Guys,
when you want to post a demo, it's important to notice some things:

-Max. Demo Size: 1MB (in case it's bigger upload it for example on media fire and post the url)
-When recording the Demo type in !cid <Playername> (for example you spect a guy called Fluttershy and you take a demo of him type !cid Flutter in chat)
-The title of your Post should have the information about what kind of hacks the guy is using and on which server you spot him (HLRz or SB Server)

For you, with love :*

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Re: Posting Demos

Post by Ornexans on 2nd December 2013, 09:44


For posting a demo just follow those few steps:

1. Create a new .zip data (right-click -> new -> .zip)
2. Name the .zp file after the hacker
3. Change your name on the demo file to the hacker name
4. Put the demo into the .zip folder and upload it

I made a demo called


recording a hacker called "iPoschy"
So I create a .zip and name it iPoschy
Than I'll take the demo and rename it to


Now I only have to put it into the .zip folder and upload it.
If there are anymore questions feel free to ask


PS: Also follow the instructions Poschy mentioned above, that'll make it easier for us to ban all those shitties Wink

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