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B3 Commands (Level 0 -2) for general players on HLRz..

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B3 Commands (Level 0 -2) for general players on HLRz.. Empty B3 Commands (Level 0 -2) for general players on HLRz..

Post by grandmachismo 25th January 2014, 21:49

The following is a list of commands available for pubbers on this server..

Remember, if you aren't sure how to use the command type !h in front of the command you are trying..

eg. for the !teams command: !h teams - this will provide you with a brief description of use.

[Regular users - Level 2]

!admins = shows any admin currently on the server
!seen = shows the date and time a player was last seen on the server
!aliases / !alias = show all the aliases that player has used
!allaliases or !allalias - Allaliases extends the alias command, and will not limit itself to 10 answers as alias does. Optional parameter <detailed> will show alias creation and modification time plus number of times the alias was used.

!topxp = minimum level to be able to see a list of the top experienced players for the gaming session
!topstats / !top = minimum level to be able to see a list of the top skills scored players for the gaming session

!xlrtopstats = [<#>] - list the top # players of the last 14 days.

[Registered Users - Level 1] - To become registered (as advertised on the server) type !reg

!regulars / !regs = see if there are any regular (lvl 2) players currently on the server
!regtest = Display your current user status
!time = [<timezone/offset>] - display the servers current time
!nextmap = Shows the next map in the rotation
!maps = List the server's map rotation

!XLRStats = [<name>] - list a players XLR stats

[Guests - Level 0]

!help / !h = Use the !h in front of a command you want help on.
!register = Grants a player access to other useful commands and XLRSTATS recording
!rules / !r = say the rules - a work in progress for the time being.. we'll work on updating this from the default rules to suit our server!

!mapstats / !stats = minimum level to be able to see your own stats for the current map (except skill points which are kept during thewhole gaming session)
!testscore / !ts = minimum level to be able to make a calculation on how much skill points you would get by killing the specified player

!afk = [Player] Ask if player is AFK, if no response, he's forced spectator
!pateams / !teams = Force teambalancing (all gametypes!) The player with the least time in a team will be switched.

!cookie = Tell a player: You gave them a COOKIE
!sry = Tells your last Killed: sorry mate Neutral
!ns = Tells your last killer: nice shot !
!cid = Use this command while recording a demo, so we can be sure that we have the right player - as, players can use other players name's, but !cid will grab the unique database ID from which we can grap the IP etc.

!like = if u like the map
!Dislike = if u don't like the map


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